History on a tea towel

A photo challenge for you – can you identify me (and my sister, for those that know her) on the tea towel below:

In case you’re wondering, that’s a tea towel with a self-portrait of every member of my primary school in the 1990-91 academic year. It’s one of those things primary schools produce at Christmas which are then bestowed upon beloved relatives as gifts – relatives who probably smile sweetly and then put it away in a drawer.

Unless, it seems, you are my grandparents. I received this photo this morning from my mother who (presumably) had just been washing up in my grandparents’ kitchen. I reckon it’s in pretty good condition for a twenty year old towel…

Oh, and in case you can’t find me, I’m on the fourth row from the bottom, second from right. (For Mim fans, she’s five rows down from the title, fifth in from right and has a very big head.) I’m rather impressed with the level of detail a 9 year old me includes – down to the crest on my sweatshirt and my bunches. The only downside (and I suspect this irked me at the time) is that we had to use black pen to draw our pictures, thus meaning that my hair was depicted a lot darker than it naturally is.

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