Friday Fun can be educational too

Three things for today…

1. Something to make you laugh (and hopefully teach you something):

I have it on good understanding that if you’re currently suffering from beginning of academic year sniffles (or freshers’ flu), watching this will make you feel heaps better. In the mean time, I’ll be on the look out for a vicar with a spinning head…

2. Something educational, crafty and really rather fabulous. Ever wanted to learn how to knit a pigeon?

(In my head there’s a brilliant link between those two videos, but no one else would understand it, so I’ll keep quiet.)

3. Something geeky, mathematical and utterly hilarious:

Ahhh, Mr Cosby – a wise, wise, man. [I will admit that my tired, not very mathematical brain took about 30 seconds to work out this joke when shown it last night.]

I know I said I had three things for you, but in the course of writing this post I’ve found a bonus item. Courtesy of a face to face connection and a Twitter introduction, I’ve discovered a rather lovely blog about New York’s public transport. Public Transit Adventures is a combination of photography and the all important random public transport encounters – an excellent place to while away a tedious Friday morning.

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