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Long term readers will be aware that my female friends and I have something of a disgusted obsession with the Mooncup (or the Diva Cup if you’re American). The device first came to our attention thanks to stickers on the doors of ladies’ loos in our universities and at Cheltenham Racecourse – home of Greenbelt.

One evening last weekend, my sister mentioned that she’d spotted an amusingly annotated ad in a cubicle she’d frequented that day. To my disappointment, she hadn’t taken a photo and I wasn’t optimistic that I’d see it myself given as I try to avoid those particular facilities. (Greenbelters, I refer to the ones under nearest the food area next to the arena where there’s always a massive queue. There are SO many better toilets if you walk up the hill further – which is what I usually do.) As it happened, I used them once when I wanted to rush back to mainstage for Duke Special.

Stood in the queue I remembered Mim’s story and thought the chances of getting the same cubicle were minimal. But the Gods were smiling and as I shut the door behind me, I laughed out loud. Voila:

In case you can’t decode it, the grafitti on the right reads “my friend’s got stuck”. It’s a useful piece of info (in fact, it happened to the friend who took one for the team and tried it out on all our behalf). However, I love that it’s balanced by the scrawl on the left – “I LOVE my mooncup! :)”

Honest product reviews – just what the world needs more of…


  1. How funny. I have never heard of a mooncup. It doesn’t sound appealing or comfortable. Quite amusing.

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