What’s in my handbag – Greenbelt edition

My handbag’s an eclectic collection of rubbish at the best of times. Take it to a festival and it gets significantly worse…

For example, right at this moment it contains a Blackberry, HTC Desire & an iPhone, plus chargers for all three. (Ok, I lie, the iPhone’s in my hand & the charger’s plugged in…) I’m in the privileged position of having regular access to a room with plug sockets (& wifi) and therefore I’ve become the designated phone charging person. It’s quite a responsibility…

That’s the entire contents spread out (I was looking for something that inevitably turned up at the bottom of the bag.) I’ll admit it shocked me, or, more reasonably impressed me with just how much my bag can contain!

In brief we have:

Clothing: I’m ready for any possible weather event with a hoodie, long-sleeve tee, waterproof, woolly hat & scarf. You might think it’s ridiculous, but so far all I’ve not worn today is the hat & scarf. All day today I’ve been stripping off & layering up, truly annoying and not a great way of keeping your hair tidy.

Snacks + relevant implements & receptacles: Cereal bars & dried fruit are essential & ideal festival food. (They’re more nutritious than churros, that’s for sure.) I’m also planning to keep the spork in the bag from now on as it’s massively useful for emergency cake cutting situations.

Toothbrush & toothpaste: Who knows when I’ll be in a nice toilet with mirrors & hot water? It’s always best to be prepared!

Church Times Guide to Greenbelt & Greenbelt Scratch Choir music: I’m Greenbelting in a lackadaisical fashion with no programme or iPhone app. I’m relying on Dave Walker’s hilarious map & my ability to run into friends who are about to do something interesting. (A friend’s running the scratch choir, so that was a no brainer.)

Notebooks, camera & writing implements: To record festival happenings – obviously.

Now that I’ve tidied & reorganised my bag, I’d better go and find the friend who’s taking me to a salsa workshop. There won’t be any theology there, but perhaps there’ll be men to dance with…

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