When mothers get Tweeting

I’m not entirely sure if my family needed another means by which to communicate, but as of 2 weeks ago it would appear that at least the female Clutterbucks can now tweet each other. Two weeks ago, I was perusing my recently acquired followers [this makes me sound super popular, I don’t have that many new ones generally] and as I scrolled down the screen, the Twitter handle ‘RevDSClutterbuck‘ stood out. On further inspection, I read the following description:
“I am a Methodist Minister who works as a coach, supervisor and trainer. I am married and have two daughters who will be amazed to find me on Twitter.”

Amazed would be something of an under-statement. I choked on my cup of tea in astonishment. 

The parents aren’t on Facebook (this was mutually agreed) and they don’t write blogs (though they do read this), but Twitter looked as though it would have potential for my mother’s line of work and her love of networking generally. However, I don’t think we ever thought she’d get round to doing it. Further delving revealed that she had signed up while waiting for a plane at Birmingham International, following a link to Twitter on my blog. It also revealed that of her two daughters, she was only following me – hurrah! A victory for the eldest, favourite child! (Of course it turned out that it took her a couple of days to work out how to add people. Once she did, equality was restored. [It should be pointed out that younger sibling actually took 10 days to get around to following her mother…]

Anyway, mother is slowly getting the hang of Twitter (though has yet to work out how to create a profile photo) and even managed to tweet her first celebrity last week – something that stunned me. It went a little like this…
On Thursday evening I retweeted a Chris Addison tweet regarding that evening’s Mock the Week episode:

Now, Mock Of The Week is on BBC2 now. Unless you’re in Northern Ireland, where it’s on later due to the ferry bringing the VHS being late.

[This a pet peeve of mine whenever I’m in Belfast – all the good stuff’s on a couple of hours later than on the mainland, due to ‘regional programming’ which is invariably unfunny and dull.]
The following day, my mum replied to this tweet – when I saw it I was stunned. Only a week into Twitter and already tweeting celebrities? And a comedic celebrity at that?! Wow. So the next time we spoke I asked her about it and it turned out she had no idea she was communicating with someone famous – she thought that the ‘Chris’ in question was my colleague C…hmmmm, nope. Fortunately, I am proud to say that my mother’s tweet was comedy (she is not her daughters’ mother for nothing), though containing some errant punctuation: 

@mrchrisaddison that’s not actually the reason, we are in a different time zone. When it’s 20.11 in London it’s about 19.91 in NI. [No idea why she’s included the full stops in the dates – might be an iPhone thing.]

If only she hadn’t followed that tweet with one to me telling me that 30 is the age at which one should procreate…


  1. How funny! (I’m more your mum’s age than yours, but my daughters were astounded when they asked me about MySpace way back when and I said that I already had an account set up there – same with Facebook and Twitter!)

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