The night I spent the evening with Mr Schue

That’s Mr Schuester to be precise – or Matthew Morrison if you’re living in the real world and not an episode of Glee. Last night he kicked off a world tour by playing to a couple of thousand women and gay men at the Hammersmith Apollo [ok, so it’s now officially the ‘HMV Apollo’ but I prefer the old name]. Annabelle and I procured half-price seats courtesy of Groupon on Friday and willingly sacrificed watching the Glee season finale with the rest of our friends so that instead, we could spend a couple of hours in the same room as our favourite teacher – Mr Schue. Bliss.

Honestly, I wasn’t that expecting much. I knew the man can sing – heck, Glee cast tracks account for a not insignificant proportion of the music I listen to – and that he could dance, so I had no doubt that I’d be entertained. He’s officially what’s referred to as a ‘triple threat’, i.e. that he can sing, dance and act [you know, like Gene Kelly and Zac Efron…], however I like to think of him as a quadruple threat – throwing in the added quality of an excellent posterior. But really, the evening was an opportunity to hang out with a favourite friend, giggle like the giggly girls we both are, and it nicely complemented our visit to Glee Live! (the exclamation mark is part of the title) a week on Saturday.

This is what we were greeted with – a classic Jane Lynch/Matthew Morrison skit which includes the most fantastic rendition of Circle of Life I’ve heard in a long while:

Sadly, the video’s missing its best moment – Jane Lynch in full Sue Sylvester mode declaring: “Enjoy the show, losers!”

It got off to a good start, a smart suit, some shiny shoes and some smooth moves – but then came the point where he sang his own material and even though he was clutching a ukulele, my heart sank a little. It sank even further when he uttered the words: “this song’s about the duality of being me and Mr Schuester” – really? Were things going to get that deep and meaningful? However, as soon as the word “ookooleilei” [his adorable, genuinely Polynesian pronunciation of the teeny instrument] came out of his mouth and he began to sing, all was forgiven – our hearts melted and we got terribly girly.

Ironically, it’s quite possible that two of my highlights weren’t thanks to him at all. Well, they kind of were – one was him letting one of his friends propose to his girlfriend on stage, so cute! (I think this might be the first proposal I’ve ever witnessed – this is what it looked like.) Then, allowing his friend JC Chavez (who, utterly unbeknownst to me was once a member of NSync – it pleases me that I needed to be told that) to perform, once in a duet and then in a dancing-in-the-aisles rendition of Glee staple Don’t Stop Believin’.

One of my fears in attending gigs like these (and something I fear greatly about Glee Live!) is the quantity of screaming that takes place – girlish, frenzied and inappropriate. Why the need to yell “I love you Matthew” at random moments? However, there wasn’t a huge amount and our section of the crowd deeply appreciated a manly growl of the same phrase at a very appropriate moment – I hope Matthew appreciated it too. At this point I may need to confess that on Tuesday morning I was rather husky in voice, which can only mean that perhaps I had whooped a little too energetically the night before…

The show was Grobanesque [incidentally, who wants to join me in watching Josh Groban at the Apollo in October? Think it’ll be a good ‘un…] in terms of it’s comedic content. Time for costume changes was provided by informative film segments chronicling Morrison’s career – including interviews with fellow cast members of his pre-Glee jobs in Plea, Flee and Flea. Hilarious. Can I mention that each segment began with a moody black and white shot of the star (with a beard) without sounding too shallow? Maybe not…

Who could possibly resist a man who sings, dances, acts, is not at all unattractive – and can play the ukelele?? (And yes, I did try to find the aforementioned black & white shot, but failed.) 

Oh, and before I start plummeting in your estimations, I was in excellent company. Not only was the wonderful Annabelle with me, but so was the wife of our former PM (Sarah, not Cherie), the good people of Grazia magazine and my favourite London-based American cupcake blogger. See? An audience of mature, responsible women who appreciate some quality musical entertainment… 

I should probably stop rambling. Suffice to say that it was the funnest musical experience I’ve had in a while and kicks off a season of cheesy music in style – this weekend involves not only West End Live, but also a truly nerdy trip to watch the male lead of Legally Blonde’s final show; next weekend’s Glee Live!; the following is Take That – June/July is quite the month of musical fun-ness. Consider yourselves duly warned!


  1. Bliss!! And for the record, the duet where Matt and JC Chasez sing the NSync classic “This I promise you” was truly fabulous.

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