Potentially foolish intentions

Those that follow me on Twitter may have noticed a slightly odd routine creeping into my tweets, where once a week I ask fellow tweeters to help motivate me to get up and walk to work. For many, this will seem strange as walking to work shouldn’t really require much more motivation than going to work generally requires. However, those that know where I live and where I work have expressed some surprise at my new habit. There is, of course, method in my madness…

Several months ago I enthusiastically signed up to walk along the Thames Path in order to help raise money for a musical outreach programme some friends have set up on an estate in Battersea – the Ignito Project. I’m all in favour of such initiatives and, being as I’m not quite talented enough to run a music class, I figured taking part in the walk would be my contribution. Plus, I do enjoy walking, I love the Thames, oh, and I get to spend two days with some lovely people- so really, what’s not to like about the concept?

However, this was potentially a foolish decision, as the original proposal was a 67 mile walk in 24 hours – even my normally supportive parents thought this was a ridiculous challenge to take on! It then became 40 miles over two days, which is much more manageable, yet still something of a daunting prospect – for a whole host of reasons:

  • I’m not sure that I’ve ever walked 20 miles in one day before, let alone repeated that feat the following day.
  • What if it rains all the time? 
  • What if we get a sudden heatwave? 
  • I’m going to a wedding the day before, so will have to be super self-restrained in my partying. 
  • What if my (rather old but very comfortable) trainers expire en route?
  • What if the walking aggravates my long-term sporting injury. [Taking up running made me develop tendonnitis in my ankles 7 years ago & the wrong kind of physical activity (or shoes) triggers it again.] 
  • What if I can’t move a single muscle on Monday? 
If add to all that the fact that in all probability all I’ll want on Saturday and Sunday night is a long hot bath and my flat only contains a shower, you’ll understand why I’m somewhat wary of what 8am on Saturday morning  will bring! 
But the training has been fun. Walking from the wilds of Bermondsey to Baker Street isn’t an impossible task by any means and takes 2 hours door to door. Plus, it’s a route that has an almost infinite number of possibilities – so it’s difficult to get bored. On Friday morning, as I crossed Millennium Bridge and watched the sun twinkle on the river’s waves while celebrating McFly day, life felt pretty bloody good. Whether it will be enough preparation for the weekend’s events remains to be seen, but I think it might become a regular thing – the Twitter motivation will have to continue though as my ability to get up at 6.30 when I could stay in bed till 7.30 is severely lacking. 
Oh, and if you fancy giving me a little extra motivation, you can sponsor me here.


  1. lol – hope you enjoy the wedding..

    on a different note:

    I’ve moved my blog to WordPress and found that the blog roll widget is a bit less funky than with blogger.
    It is just a list… which is a bit unfriendly. I’ve pruned my blog roll to 20ish because I thought that people wouldn’t even think about investigating the blogs otherwise.. but I have found that I can put some text in, so that when you hover over the blog it says something. I just wondered if you would like to write a sentence to describe your blog? Otherwise I will 🙂


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