Friday Fun on Friday 13th

I honestly love Blogger – it’s a free platform that’s brought me joy for many years – but how I do not love it when it goes wrong. Thanks to some maintenance issues that brought the entire Blogger world crashing down for two days I couldn’t post Friday Fun as usual, so this is retrospectively posted while I kill several hours in my office on a Saturday afternoon. [Don’t ask.] 

A crucial member of my family is our rather gorgeous black Labrador Megan. While her arrival caused a certain amount of upheaval in my life, she has brought with her a high level of amusement – not just her reaction to the EastEnders theme tune, or her young-dog habit of eating socks and bras, but the fun you can have when a mute, yet communicative creature joins your household. Animals can be exceptionally expressive – we always know when Megan’s depressed (she hides when suitcases appear in the hall) and she does a brilliant line in “you know you love me and want to give me that apple core” facial expressions. I’ve often wondered what she’d say, if only she could talk – while my sister would take this a step further and speak for Megan, using the voice of Cartman from South Park. Honestly, utterly hilarious.

Anyway, this came to mind when Becki shared her discovery of Talking Animals on YouTube – beautiful:

As well as loving (certain) animals, I also obviously love all Christians (hmmmm), especially those with musical talents and especially those that are young. However, I may draw the line at this young man:

Libby, knowing my love of Christian parodies, sent me this last week and I truly appreciated it, until I made a disturbing discovery… Looking over to the right-hand side of YouTube, where it suggests related videos, was a song with the same name – ‘Nu Thang’ [oh help!] – but by one of my favourite and well-respected Christian bands. I own at least two, if not three, DC Talk albums and had found them to be significantly less cringeworthily cheesy than other bands of the genre – but this?? Oh dear. My only solace was found in the fact that that the album on which it featured came out in 1990, and to be honest we should all be forgiven the poor life choices we made in the late 80s, early 90s.

Unfortunately, fun has otherwise been thin on the ground – I blame a week of working too hard. However, I do have a funny story to share from last night, sorry, from tonight – I just know in advance that tonight’s going to be a good night… [Curse retro-blogging!]


  1. Becki B says:

    Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.

    There are no words to express the horror…

  2. For the first time in a long time I didn’t watch a video you chose to the end – that was horrible.

  3. Painful, I know…
    I think I stuck it out to the end because I just couldn’t look away!

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