Tape – of a double sided and sticky variety

There’s something terribly exciting about double sided sticky tape.

It’s possibly owing to its novelty factor – I’m guessing that I’m not alone in growing up in a household in which it didn’t feature as a stationary staple? But also probably owing to its Blue Peter craft project infamy – it featured in so many projects and seemed to be so vastly superior to regular sellotape…

It was an exciting day when I was first presented a role and ordered to spend a couple of hours playing with it – not least because I was being paid for the pleasure. My bookselling days had islands of creative display crafting moments in the midst of a sea of ringing tills and re-stocking the shelves, and I lived for quiet afternoons when I could get on with a project and use as much double sided tape as I could lay my hands on.

This week has had its craft frustrations. Last week’s Office Christmas Tree Project took a bit of a tumble on Wednesday, so I had to rebuild it on Thursday – an edict was issued to colleagues forbidding touching or moving, was that a little full-on?

But yesterday’s crafting brought joy to my soul. After a Christmas shopping expedition, I spent a few hours at church assisting with the rather massive mission to decorate the building ready for Sunday’s carol service extravaganza – it’s so massive a mission that this was the third day running that people had been working on it. From the moment I arrived and was handed a roll of double sided tape, I knew I’d come home.

It seems my crafting sensibilities amuse those who are simply there to perform tasks. Paired with a worship leader (whose idea of moving lights using a microphone stand in a kind of piñata style, rather than just climbing a ladder and using his hands is perhaps indicative of the commitment he had to the project) to decorate tables with tinsel, my suggestion that we use double sided tape so as not to ‘disturb’ the tinsel was greeted with hoots of laughter. But really, would you want the tinsel to look disturbed by putting tape over the top of it?!

I’m easily pleased – someone could buy me a roll of double sided tape for Christmas and I’d be happy. In fact, my mother’s gift of A5 Post-It notes last birthday was easily one of my favourites (I’m saving them for something important). Sometimes, my specialness concerns me…

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