Surprising Friday Fun

I love surprises – presents, unexpected visitors, random happenings – anything to make my life a little more exciting. What follows is a collection of videos, all of which have some sort of surprise element. Of course, in telling you that there’s a surprise coming, I have completely spoiled it for you, but nevermind…

A wedding surprise (in a good way)
Last Saturday, I should have been at an amazing wedding. Instead, I sat through nearly 6 hours of meetings (and I left early, if I hadn’t it would’ve been over 7 hours) and then went to the glamorous 1930s party. Fortunately, one of the best moments of the wedding was captured on video – no, not the vows, the couple’s first dance:

That, people, is what I’d expect from a rather fabulous couple and a particularly talented bride. How much do I wish that I’d seen that in flesh (and been able to dance into the evening with everyone else too). I know the insertion of the surprise/comedy dance is becoming a bit of a tired theme, but I think these guys pull it off with considerable flair – you really need to watch it to its end. Congrats to the Titcheners!

Musical surprises in two parts
It’s practically Christmas, and thus in classical circles this means it’s Messiah time. I’ve never totally understood the obsession choral societies have for performing it at this time of year, but it’s nice to have the consistency. Here we have a random act of culture, in which the combined force of Philadelphia’s choirs take over the city’s branch of Macy’s for a flash mob rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus. Fabulous.

Could someone please explain to me how a massive pipe organ ended up in a Macy’s? Very bizarre, but loving the random old ladies singing their hearts out. It did make me wish someone would do a flash mob singalong with the gospel version, that would be all kinds of awesome. Not heard of the gospel Messiah? In 1994, America’s best gospel artistes teamed up to produce a gospel version of the classic choral work – Handel’s Messiah: A Soulful Celebration. Sadly, it’s hard to locate, but I have found the Hallelujah chorus on Spotify.

In a flash mob musical event closer to home, here’s a T Mobile advert which caused quite a stir at Heathrow – beautiful. It’s reminiscent of the lovely moments in Love Actually and reinforces my desire to be met on arrival at an airport and be swept off my feet (this is not what happens when I arrive at Belfast airport to visit my parents).

It may seem like these three videos are only tenuously linked, when in fact there is a logic (of course). The first video took place in my church, the second is Christmassy, the third includes the wonderful Swingle Singers (you can see them more clearly in action here) – in just two weeks time all three will come together (the church, Christmas and the Swingle Singers) for a totally awesome carol service. I’m rather excited – can you tell?

Hopefully this little lot will brighten up your Friday. It’s certainly brought some joy to my life on a morning which may prove to be rather testing (and I’m not even at work, that’s how unfair this morning is, but if I will bring these things upon myself…).


  1. I have watched that T-Mobile ad SO many times, and I STILL tear up when they all break into ‘Welcome Home’ and everyone’s laughing and hugging and crying and swaying.

    On a side note – I’m in the Titcheners’ video, right at the end – green dress, dark hair… I was filming it too! Little moment of piggy-backed fame there 🙂

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