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The 30th birthday cycle continues. This Saturday – the first celebration of my academic year and thus the beginning of an intensive season of 30th’s – brings a classic themed party. Literally classic, as my friend’s returning to the 1930s and hosting a black tie themed event. A perfect excuse to dress up. (Next weekend brings another 30th, this time wine tasting – also excellent.)

However, when you think about it, the 1930s is actually a tricky decade to style. The 1920s were distinctive in their flapper dresses; the late 1940’s and early 1950’s were the epitome of glamour. All I can think of in terms of the 30’s is the outbreak of WW2 and uniforms. Still, the beauty of black tie is that as long as you’ve got a fancy dress and the right accessories, the only historic aspect you need to be accurate on is your hair.

Tonight was my first free evening in over a week (and my last in about the same length of time – honestly, my diary is horrific right now, though generally in a good way) and therefore my only opportunity to discover, practice and perfect a decent 1930’s hair-do. So I’m now sat in my PJ’s, sporting a rather elegant hair style that made doing the washing up feel far more glamorous than usual.

It’s all thanks to YouTube and the wonder of hair tutorials – particularly this woman’s. [Favourite moment in one video is an annotation that states “people ask how I manage to keep my arms up so long – it’s because I work out a lot”…] I began withHow to do a pin up hairstyle’ and failed to put enough ooomph into my tresses to get it to work properly. ‘Pin up hair tutorial’ proved more successful (yes, I realise they sound the same, but there were significant differences) but it was still clear I needed more volume.

Thus, it looks as though I’ll be spending a significant amount of Saturday with my head covered in rollers. This wouldn’t be a problem were it not for the fact that I’ve got a meeting in central London from 10.30 till 4pm – still, I’ve travelled on the tube in rollers before, no doubt I can cope with doing it again.

I guess what this post really needs is a photo of the hair. Thing is, hair photos are always tricky – even with the  iPhone 4’s double facing camera – so this is the best of a bad bunch:

The fact that the bags under my eyes are so noticeable in this photo terrifies me. 
Clearly the effects of no two-day weekends for weeks & weeks are beginning to show.

Those hair combs are today’s Primark acquisitions – along with some pseudo pearl bracelets & necklace, a brooch and some shoes – the beauty of being able to stock up on a vast quantity of ‘vintage’ accessories for a lot less than £20! All I need now is a final decision on the dress (not that I’ve got many to choose from) and some seriously red lipstick…

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