Expiry date?

A few days ago, while in the middle of a riveting meeting, I noticed that the packet of biscuits on the plate in front of me had a Best Before date of my impending 30th birthday. As I reflected later that day via Facebook/Twitter, it was a metaphor for life…

Yesterday, back in the same room, I sought out the biscuits and located one with the auspicious date on it. It’s now tucked away in my desk drawer with a Post It attached reading: “Do Not Eat (Sentimental Reasons)”.

Maybe I’ll eat it on my last day of being 29, before it and life as I know are past their best.

I’m not being entirely seriously, obviously, though hitting the big 30 is something of a black cloud on the horizon. It’s almost a shame I’m doing my 2010 Firsts thing, as otherwise I could have created a “Things to do before I’m 30” list. In actual fact, I’d probably be happier if I stopped thinking about the things I’d hoped to have done by then.

If anyone has any ideas of stuff I ought to try before then, do let me know – I’m always open to suggestion! Oh, and if you’d like me to try and find some biscuits that expire on your next birthday, I’ll have a go.


  1. No black clouds! 30 is incredible – I remember 30, it was better than 29, and every year since has upped the ante. πŸ™‚

    and speaking of birthdays, my birthday is … TODAY! I’m 2 minutes into my new year. Wooo hoo!

    Don’t think about the things you haven’t done yet – picture it more as all the things you still have the fun of experiencing!

    My goodness I’m a Pollyanna today. HA! I get to be! It’s my birthday! πŸ™‚

  2. I fear the biscuits (they’d have to be custard creams) would be soft…it’s Friday!

  3. @Camelama Happy Birthday!! Hope it’s fabulous. xx

    The biscuits at work aren’t particularly edible when they’re ‘fresh’, so I’m pretty sure I won’t attempt to eat these ones.

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