In my head…

…I’m a cyclist.

Well, I’m cyclist in the same way that I believe I’m a Mac user. [I’m possibly delusional.] I’d never dare cycle on the streets of London, but I have enormous empathy for those that do and desperately covet a gorgeous Dutch bike that I could glamorously swan about on. (It would have a wicker basket full of tulips at the front and wonderful leather panniers, plus a delightfully shiny and tuneful bell.) 
London’s currently awash with wannabe cyclists thanks to Mayor Boris’ latest initiative – public bikes. I’ve not had a go yet, but will (I have a theory that they might aid my journey to pilates, I’m just a little apprehensive about actually cycling on one). I’m not sure the hard core cyclists are happy about this development, but then it can simply be another valid concern hard core cyclists can add to their lists.
Like the abuse female cyclists suffer at the hand of male drivers and pedestrians – last week I discovered a rather fabulous blog written by one such bike user entitled: 101 Wankers. (To be honest, I’m sure the total number of such people in London is far higher than 101!) In it she details her awful encounters with utter idiots, including drivers who simply like to make a game of toying with cyclists and yelling abusive comments at them, oh, and the biggest w*nker of all – the one who stole her bike! 
Continuing the bike theme, as I mentioned, I covet Dutch bikes. For some months (actually years) I’ve loved one that’s often parked outside my office as it’s pink and particularly pretty. Witness:
It took me quite a while to notice that this bike is actually sponsored – observe:
Not only is it a beautiful bike – it’s educational too! And yes, I’ve looked the site up – it’s bona fide. I just can’t quite understand how it’s taken me two years to get round to taking a photo, or why I didn’t think to use my actual camera when I took these last week (the fact that I was on the way home from the pub may explain the latter). 

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