Things I like: Birthdays

Let me clarify, I’m not overly keen on the process of ageing. Nor am I especially happy that today is my last birthday in my 20’s, but it’s still a good thing. If ever the words ‘Let them eat cake!’ were appropriate, birthdays are such an occasion and that – most definitely – is a great thing.

Today I can add Shepton Mallet to the list of glamorous locations in which I’ve celebrated the day of my birth – London, Boston, LA, Munich, Devon, Gloucester, and the wilds of Yorkshire. Hurrah. The disadvantage to having been here for nearly a week is that I have virtually no presents or cards to open (woe is me) as most of the hundreds (!) are currently sat at home waiting for me to return tomorrow.

The advantage of being away is that my belated birthday celebrations successfully extend my birthday by over a week, which I feel is an excellent achievement. (It also helps when you decide to hold two such celebrations.)

Oh well, there’s no escaping it now – the next stop is 30…


  1. I really hope that you visited the Mulberry factory shop while you were in Shepton Mallet. Gorgeous smell. It’s a must do…

    A belated happy birthday.


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