Sacrificing my feet to the shoe gods (Updated)

Oh summer, I love thee, but my feet aren’t quite ready for you yet.

This is what’s left of my feet after a week of spring weather; one new pair of shoes; breaking in last year’s sandals all over again and the introduction of tinted moisturiser to lessen the glare of my pasty pins in the sun.

Ouch. The pain – both physical and emotional (embarrassment).

Update: 24 hours after posting this, my feet are in a far sorrier state. The shoes in the above photo are my ‘office’ shoes – only to be worn outside during lunchtime expeditions. Tonight I accidentally walked for over 2 hours in them (I couldn’t be bothered to change into my trainers), walking all the way to London Bridge from the office. I walked my feet raw, quite literally. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

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