Developing the 2010 theme

My 2010 firsts thing is generating quite a lot of interest amongst my friends and acquaintances. Actually, scratch that, I reckon people are only intrigued because they think it’s utterly insane and/or ridiculous.

Last night it somehow cropped up in conversation (I suspect it may have been related to pole dancing) and a friend decided that it was no good simply wanting to do things for the first time, I needed targets (more than my vague ‘one per week’) and preferably a connection with the number 2010.

Her first suggestion was that I should do 2010 new things in the year. This worked out at 38.6 per week, which, given as I’ve only done around 20 so far (which is still beyond 1 a week) would be way too ambitious.

Mulling it over, I thought about other options. 210 could be doable, but doesn’t have such great a link with the number. Then I came up 20 in 10: 20 firsts every 10 weeks.

We’re nearly 12 weeks into the year, and if I use my full list (certain firsts are excluded from the sidebar, not because they’re dodgy necessarily, but because they don’t need to be shared) there are 23. That’s easily 20 in the first 10 weeks.

It was also suggested that I add more mundane things, or be more specific in the counting. For example, last night’s gig was the first time I’d heard any of the singers perform – so that could be three individual firsts. I could also get a little bit random with what I list. Sunday’s antics also included the first time I’d been out for drinks with a star of EastEnders, definitely a first, but a bit of a stupid thing to list.

So maybe I’ll have a go at 20 in 10. On the other hand, perhaps I’ll just focus on why I came up with the concept in the first place – that I ought to take up more opportunities, be less nervous, try new things and generally see a little bit more of life…

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