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Trade descriptions could have me for that title – there is no mating in what follows. Apologies if that disappoints.

Mega churches like the one I attend are rather keen on coupling people up. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s just that – in Christian circles – there is always a finite number of men and they don’t quite go all the way round.

To combat this problem, someone’s come up with Date my Mate. (Please note the amusing url: – I’m sure he does.) The premise is that a function is held at which singletons appear, with a single friend of the opposite sex in tow. In this way, there’s an even number of the genders, all are (in theory) vouched for and fun can ensue…

All good – in theory. My issue with this concept has always been that if I had a number of single male friends, I probably wouldn’t be single myself. (Dining with my mother a couple of week’s ago she cried exasperatedly “don’t you have any straight, single, male friends?!” Oh mother, sometimes I do wonder…) Finding a single male friend (who I don’t want to date myself) and is willing to go to such an event is really quite a mission.

Tonight I was going to go. I’d actually located this mythical male friend, well, to be fair, two of our friends bullied him into going over lunch on Sunday – he seemed keen though. However, he stood me up. His loss of course, he could have met the woman of his dreams. Still, I’ve got him sufficiently guilt-tripped to ensure he comes to the next one…

[What was that? Did someone suggest I was being manipulative? Moi? Never.]

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