Do you remember the first time?

I have a plan. One might call it something of a new year’s resolution, but as we know, I don’t believe in them. It’s more of a list – a nice list of nice things. At the moment it’s written in pink ink in the notes section of my Moleskine diary and is entitled ‘2010 Firsts’.

This list has already generated some amusement from amongst my inner circle of girl friends, relating to one particular first, which is quite categorically not on the list. In actual fact, it’s an eclectic list of utterly random things that I’ve never done before, but feel should happen in the next 12 months.

In some respects I’ve lived quite a sheltered life. (Heck, I hadn’t even tried mussels till last month!) I’m also flipping stubborn when I choose to be, so this year could be a great opportunity to overcome some idiotic barriers and have some fun at the same time.

I’ll spare you the whole list, partly because there’s some stuff on there that you really don’t need to know. But, what I am open to are new suggestions – I’m not saying I’d do something just because it’s suggested (I’m not stupid) but I’ll willingly consider anything. At the moment, ideas include:

  • Become a redhead (temporarily)
  • Audition for BV’s at church
  • Submit some writing for publication
  • Get waxed 
  • Go to Paris [Yes, this is shocking, I’ve never been to Paris – there is a story…]
  • Take my driving tests for the first time (theory & practical)
  • Get contact lenses
  • Take a dance class
  • Watch live ballet (Matthew Bourne for preference)
  • Go to a spa
It could include anything – books I’ve never read, films I’ve never watched, places I’ve never been…but the aim is to do at least one a week. Having said that, as I write, I realise that amounts to 52 new things, which is a lot, hmmmm. See, I really do need your help! 
And, in case you were wondering, as well as going on a rope swing and joining twitter last week, this week I did level 3 plank at pilates for the first time. I’ve only just stopped hurting. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d happily watch some live ballet with you especially Matthew Bourne. Sadlers Wells is now showing Swan Lake (considered a classic & must see) until the end of the month. Jules x

  2. Walk around your flat and cook naked.

  3. You would be my first choice of companion to live ballet Jules – I’ll keep you posted!

    Abidemi – who says I’ve not already done that?? 😉

  4. Go to a life drawing class – it really is very enjoyable and relaxing.

    Also we had our neighbours over for cheese and wine – and we are now friends 🙂

  5. I like this idea. Not the starting out with a list, I generally dislike that, but keeping note of every new thing you do – that’s interesting.

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