I’m currently sat on a bed in a rather lush hotel room in Keswick (a town up in the Lake District), where I’ve ended up for work. (I did some very skilled hotel booking, scoring an amazing deal on a 5* place, clearly my father’s rubbish hotel genes have not been inherited!) Anyway, right at this moment C and I are on our respective laptops recovering from a long focus group on climate change.

C’s just uttered this question: “Where exactly are we?”
Cue a visit to google maps to discover Keswick’s location. As I suspected from a comment made on the train up, C wasn’t even aware what side of the country we were on, just that we were rather far north.

C’s follow up comment: “I think this is the furthest north I’ve ever been…apart from Scotland.”

Bless. I’m so glad this research project is educating him in so many ways – next week we get to experience the wonders of Chester. (We’ll probably just pretend we’re in Hollyoaks.)

Oooh, and major excitement, we’ve just discovered Keswick’s home to The Cumberland Pencil Museum – that’s the first stop tomorrow morning for sure!


  1. The Lakes yeah. A little jealous.

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