Friday Fun brought to you by the number 40 and the letter O

You may, just possibly, have noticed that this past week has marked Sesame Street’s 40th birthday. Some may even have complained that Google’s doodles gave far too much attention to this anniversary when perhaps more significant anniversaries needed marking – Wallace and Gromit’s 20th birthday got an exemption but the fall of the Berlin Wall did not.

We Brits probably haven’t had as much exposure to Sesame Street as other nationalities, I’m not entirely sure if it’s even shown on terrestrial TV anymore. But I have fond memories of Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and, of course, The Count. No playground game that involved counting was complete without the obligatory “ah, ah, ah” between numbers.

In a fit of nostalgia a couple of evenings ago, I headed to YouTube to watch some classic moments. There I discovered possibly the cutest little boy – John John – who in the 1970s was something of a regular. This moment with Grober is lovely (I adore his voice at the end, so cute!), whilst this story of Bert and some lost paperclips is jointly cute and oh so slightly creepy.

Moving on from cute children, I explored a few celebrity moments. Sure, Michelle Obama’s been the much lauded special guest this week, but who wants to know about the importance of being active and eating veggies? Wouldn’t you rather see Julia Roberts being scared by Elmo instead? Or Whoopi playing the drums to Elmo’s violin? A particularly sweet discovery was Feist singing 1,2,3,4 but with Sesame Street lyrics“1,2,3,4 monsters walking ‘cross the floor…”.

And the letter O? Well that of course would be the first letter of the word Octagon. Don’t worry, Jack Black will explain it to you…just be aware that ‘octagon’ is NOT pronounced ‘octa-gawn’, it’s ‘octa-gun’. Thank-you.


  1. Admit it. You still count lists like the Count, don’t you (if only in your head).

    One! One glorious Sesame Street themed Friday Fun, wa ha ha!

  2. Maybe…

    “One! One beautiful Ollie&Nic handbag, ah ah ah! Two! Two beautiful Ollie&Nic handbags, ah ah ah!”

    I could go on.

    [As an aside, have tried to emulate your formatting & failed miserably.]

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