Unlicensed toys, Cuteness & something a bit dodgy…

Apologies for the lack of Friday Fun last week. I wasn’t at work, so I didn’t feel a need for it! This week, there are three things to choose from, which should satisfy all tastes:

Sadly, it excludes some key characters (though the Fat Controller wouldn’t count anyway, being human not a machine) and I didn’t keep a record of the comedy sentence that accompanied the link when sent it by a friend.

It’s not a licensed toy, so it’s unlikely to appear in Toys R Us anytime soon, but the concept’s a great one. Incidentally, in my quest to discover which characters it was excluding, I discovered the breadth of random characters now included in the modern TV series, like the influx of female ones. This was following complaints in the 1970’s that the only women (Annie and Clarabelle) had a passive role – in that they were pulled along by engines. Interesting point…

(ii) Cuteness
Namely, Cute Overload. The sort of sickly-sweet website that only appeals to 7 year old girls or hormonal women, but oh so slightly addictive. Photos of baby animals – check. Videos of adorable animal antics – check. Animals in knitted clothing – check. What more could you want?

It even sub-divides posts into categories, meaning that if all you’re interested in is cute kittens, there’s a button just for you! I’m personally loving this photo

(iii) Dodginess
(As an aside, as I wrote ‘a bit dodgy’ in the title, I was reminded how hilarious a Californian friend of mine finds the way I say that phrase. Hadn’t thought about her for a while, so it made me smile!)

Often featured on Friday’s is Gizmodo’s photoshop contest. Last week’s was slightly risque, but I’m including it anyway, because it was the funniest yet. The mission was to use sex to sell otherwise unsexy gadgets. The many (predictable) references to the Palm Pre made me chuckle a lot. Others were just plain disturbing. Warning: Do not read at work!!

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