This is what you get when you become a lazy journaller. The above is the pile created on my bed this evening as I got on with the massive task of updating my ‘God Book’. (The pile consists of: Bible, 2008 diary, 2009 diary, little notebook, big notebook.)

In theory, all my notes are in a little A6 notebook (handbag pocket sized) and every so often I write them up neatly, with many colours of pen and cutting & sticking, into a larger notebook. Problem is (despite a session sometime in June) I began today confronted with October 08. Almost 4 hours later I’ve got to March 09…there’s a lot still to be done.
Note to self: this exercise is always inspiring, but the impact of such inspiration is somewhat minimised when it becomes a slog! Do not let electronic past-times get in the way of some good quality pen and paper action.

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