Overheard prior to the evening performance of Chicago…

[Sat in row H for Friday’s performance of Chicago, I overheard this conversation from row I:]

First Woman: Do you get to go out much?

Second Woman: I’ve been breastfeeding for 10 and a half months! I’ve been nowhere!
I paid £100 for a changing bag – don’t ask me why – but it’s got these feeding pods & drinking pods, they’re amazing…
First observation, if you’ve not been anywhere for over 10 months, why would you need a £100 changing bag? Second observation, what on earth are ‘feeding pods’?
Incidentally, on the subject of Chicago, whilst it’s not in my all-time favourite musicals list, I do highly recommend getting the best seats possible in the stalls. It certainly helps you gain a different perspective on what’s happening on stage.
You know – see all the detail on the somewhat skimpy costumes; appreciate the subtleties of the choreography; observe the nuanced facial expressions…
Ok, who am I trying to kid. It gave me a fantastic view of the male dancers, well, one particular male dancer. I’m not usually one to objectify men, but Oh. My. Goodness. He was possibly the most perfect example of God’s creation. As far as I could see, all the women sat near us were transfixed.
I could also tell the tale of the amusing night I had following the performance, with one of the show’s leads, in a private members club in Soho, but I think it might cast me in not so great a light and I’ve already sounded shallow enough in this post…


  1. Oh yes…those skimpy costumes! Chicago will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first Broadway show I saw in NYC. (And actually, one of relatively few for now having lived here for nearly a decade. Oh well!)

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