A baptism of skype (Updated)

The world seems to complain long and hard about the way in which the internet drains life (or at least time) from all of us.

People leave facebook in order to maintain ‘better’ relationships.
We fret over e-mails sent in the heat of the moment or late at night after a couple of drinks.
Communication seems to have become almost too easy, trivialised, taken for granted.
But is it? Personally, I don’t think so and I’ve just watched something that I think has proven this to me. Some friends of mine had their youngest daughter baptised over the weekend, complete with guests from all over the country, plus a couple of Godparents who live in America.
Thing is, the American Godparents weren’t physically there. Their faces instead appeared on the screen of a laptop (carried up to the front and placed next to the font by the mother), courtesy of Skype. They could see the action, commit to their vows and generally get the idea of what was going on. Very clever. I think it might rank as the most creative use of IT I’ve seen in worship for a long time!
Not only that, but the ceremony is now online thanks to YouTube & facebook, so even those who couldn’t make it (even virtually) can now get a taste of the action. Genius.
It did make me wonder whether it’s time for me to get back into Skype. I’ve got an account but very rarely use it. I’ve got a bit of a thing about video-chats (it’s to do with what I get up to at the same time as chatting online…gosh that sounds dodgy!), though I know others swear by them. But, it’s a very good way to stay in touch with friends overseas (and my Dad when he swans off places), and a little more grown up than msn or facebook chat. Something to ponder perhaps?
Update: I feel I should also share another genius use of creative IT by these friends. Three years ago they attempted a Christmas Letter via YouTube. They weren’t terribly successful at it, so edited all their efforts together into a work of comic genius. I don’t think you need to know them to appreciate it!

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