Fun & games for Friday

After a dry patch last week, this week I’ve got a variety of things to entertain you with on the dullest day of the week. I however, will not be in need of any of them as I shall be having a mini away day at the British Library, pretending to be all academic and stuff.

First up is another Gizmodo gem, similar to one I posted a few weeks back – every week there’s a different photoshop contest and the results are usually fairly amusing. This week’s was:

There are many gems and some running themes – like various Guitar Hero related games (Lute Hero??) – not to mention a version of Tetris that should get released. It brought light to my Wednesday morning when it arrived, with images often greeted with a muttered “awesome!”.
(I wouldn’t set much of a standard by that, later the same day the discovery that a badge with my employer’s logo on fitted into the hole on a box file was greeted with the same adjective. It seems I exaggerate often.)
But favourite of them all would be this one:

And, should you still need further entertainment, the Borowitz Report is usually good for a laugh. I always forget about it until my amusement-providing friend reminds me, but with headlines like Ayatollah Warns Iranians: ‘I am following you all on Twitter’ and Wall Street Salary Caps Drive Away Assholes, who could resist?

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