Free London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. I enjoy (actually, that’s the wrong word, it depresses me) seeing the look of horror on non-London friends’ faces when they hear how much my rent and travel cost.

However, many of the best things in London are free: the parks, the river, observing tourists and pigeons, the people – I could go on. And, every so often you get a taste of the more expensive stuff at no cost at all. Like when West End Live takes over Leicester Square…
There are not many things in this world that get me out of the house ‘early’ (before 10.30) on a Saturday morning, but free musical theatre would be one of them. I usually avoid the rather sleazy & tacky Leicester Square area like the plague, but was more than willing to spend hours there watching the best of the West End take to the stage.
There were witches, drag queens, dirty puppets (Avenue Q made miraculously clean for a family audience), aliens, a purple dinosaur (Barney was a low-point in the day), Jerry Springer and last, but by no means least, singing nuns.
You’ve got to love singing nuns. Sister Act has now rocketed to the top of my ‘musicals I have to see very soon’ list. (And I’m on the verge of forgiving my musicals companion Annabelle for giving her spare FREE ticket to the show to her boyfriend last week, I’m not quite there yet, but maybe by next month…) Do not be put off by the lack of original music from the film, the new material rocks too.
Here’s a taste of it, courtesy of my rather shaky camera-work. (There is a moment when I get so excited by the imminent use of “stratesphere” – not a word used often in musicals – that I lose sight of the stage for a moment.) Enjoy, or download a couple of sample tracks from the show’s website.

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