Fizzy Friday Fun

I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t find anything amusing for today, especially as my regular source hasn’t been as forthcoming as they have been of late. But have no fear, Gizmodo has delivered!

You’ll have heard of the Diet Coke + Mentos = Fizzing Explosion before (unless you’ve been living in Outer Mongolia for the last few years). Now there’s a new spin on a classic:

Freeze mentos in ice cubes, add them to Diet Coke and voila! Time delayed explosions from a glass.

Hilarious. (Except for those in white clothing or with nervous dispositions.) Full instructions here.

[In the meantime, be very wary if you come to a party at my place and upon entry are handed a glass of tepid Diet Coke with slightly opaque ice cubes floating in it – especially if I make a quick getaway. You have been warned.]


  1. I HAVE been living in outer Mongolia, never heard of this. Glad it didn’t happen to me when I visited in January

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