Rounding up the fools…

Not even the much hyped G20 meeting or the ongoing credit crunch could stop the creativity of journalists today. (Except in the Metro where they said they couldn’t be bothered to do one, so I equally couldn’t be bothered to read the rest of the paper to see if they were lying.)

In case you’ve missed them (or don’t see the point in trawling media channels trying to find them) here’s a few highlights:

Guardian to become first paper published solely through Twitter

The BBC’s Shark-Whale

Google comes up trumps twice:

Firstly, CADIE, which though possibly not as good as last year’s Virgle, does have a cracking website & youtube channel.

Secondly, Australian google has the fabulous gball, which I think might have to be my personal favourite.

I was tempted to try some facebook prank, but quite frankly lacked the imagination, time or inclination. Instead I will now head off to a meeting where I’m sure there will be no jokes at all…

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