Secret bonuses

It’s been pratically a year since I acquired my lovely ipod, yet I’m still discovering that large swathes of my music collection isn’t in my itunes yet. One might say that if I’ve not listened to it for a year perhaps it’s not worth keeping. Possibly, but then (like books) music isn’t something to get rid of on a whim!

So I’m currently uploading (amongst other things) my Blur back catalogue, Heather Nova, Dido and Robbie Williams*. The latter I was reminded of largely thanks to watching Finding Nemo (for the first time ever!) last night – the closing credits run to his version of Beyond the Sea.

Looking at the track listings its reminded me of the phenomenon of hidden bonus tracks on CDs. All the Robbie Williams albums have them; there’s a classic on Damien Rice’s O, not to mention a slightly bizarre one on the second Daniel Beddingfield album…

It got me to thinking, in the age of the digital download, will there still be a market for the mysterious bonus track at the end of a CD’s last track? If you’re listening to an itunes playlist, the inclusion of a 30min track including at least 20mins of silence isn’t really a bonus. So maybe they’ll cease to exist and I think that would be a sad thing, don’t you?

* Make no comment on my taste in music please. It’s eclectic and quite respectable in some contexts. Honest!


  1. Liz,

    I was ecstatic when I was in Europe because I found that Robbie Williams album. It’s not really available here. When you CAN find it it’s $25-$30. I bought it in Germany for €10.


    Also, never have to worry about me making fun of your music collection.


  2. Back catalogues are joyous things! I’m currently shuffling through ten days of music in my iTunes and it’s a surprise what pops up 🙂

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