Box set fever [Updated]

I need help.

I’ve been spending far too long in the town of Stars Hollow (aka location of feel-good show Gilmore Girls). It’s not an obsession, just a very happy place to spend a couple of hours of an evening or a weekend morning.

Here’s the thing: back in January I bought the first three seasons rather cheaply and ever since it’s been the perfect escapism, however, I’m one episode away from finishing Season 3 and none of the others have been released in the UK. (Fools…)

Luckily, I’ve found an affordable multi-region Season 4 and Season 5 may become affordable soon. Seasons 6 & 7 might appear at some point. My need to complete may go unfulfilled.

The reason I need help (in this instance) is that I feel I may need to branch out a bit in my DVD TV watching, so I’d like suggestions. The joy of the DVD boxset is that it’s pure escapism, which unlike a show on TV, you can watch continuously for as long as you can bear to.

I’m open to new things, and have eclectic taste, so ideas would be very, very welcome!

[Alternatively, if you have suggestions as to how I might get more of a life, they’d be appreciated too!]

Update: The glorious Abidemi made a comment to the original post, suggesting, where you can find almost anything online. This has resulted in my rediscovery of Felicity (which is good, 90s, chick-flick drama); but I’d like more suggestions of stuff that might be a bit of a departure from that kind of thing!


  1. Might I suggest Practically every American (and quite a lot of British) television series is on there for your (free) streaming pleasure.

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