Did I just say that out loud?!

“I often dream that I’m pregnant, but I can never work out who the father might be…”

That sentence really should have stopped before ‘but’, however, the words came tumbling out of my mouth before I could stop them – or the raucous laughter that greeted this statement.

To explain:
I was at a dinner party last night with various colleagues and talking about a dream I’d had a couple of days ago in which I’d dreamt that the colleague sat next to me was pregnant. Someone asked if I knew who the father of this baby was, but I didn’t. We got talking about weird dreams and I mentioned that I go through phases of dreaming that I’m pregnant, which was when the sentence above was uttered.

Of course, I simply meant that the identity of the father is never revealed to me in the dream – not that I’m such a slut that the father could be anyone!!

Nevermind. It’s all part of the trials of being me, where so many things I say are deliberately misconstrued by my friends for comic effect. I can’t even begin to explain how ‘magic pants’ became a phrase of the evening…I was simply trying to be helpful!


  1. That’s a great way to get a dinner party started.

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