An observation…

If men are going to wear trousers that ride down when they’re seated, could they at least make sure that their underwear’s decent?

At the pub this evening, I was waiting for my colleagues to come back from the bar when two guys came and sat on bar stools opposite, sitting down with their backs to me. I couldn’t help but notice that as their jeans rode down, their decidedly amusing pants became visable. (One pair of black & white checks and another that seemed to be pale green with large cartoon characters.)

As my two (female) colleagues returned to their seats, both noticed this display of bad taste and were greatly amused. So much so that one (who shall remain nameless as I’m feeling generous) nearly went to pull the cartoon characters’ trousers up. Thank goodness she kept her hands to herself!

In my defence, in case people think I was perving, the bar stools were significantly higher than our table – so their backsides were right in our line of vision.

But it’s an issue…I even noticed our worship leader on Sunday exposing a large chunk of bright red underwear when he sat down to play in the carol service. Perhaps they were his special Christmas pants?

On the other hand, maybe I just need to get out more.
[And yes, googling for an image to go with this post was fun.]

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