Overheard in the church toilets:

[I’m in a cubicle, listening to a conversation between a girl in another cubicle and one washing her hands.]

Girl 1: “Are you going to this 80’s night then?”

Girl 2: “Yeah, but I’m not really sure what to go as. You’re the 80’s baby, what do you think?”

Girl 1: “I don’t know, I was born in 1987, so I don’t really remember any of it. When were you born?”

Girl 2: “1990…”

Me: “You’ve both just made me feel very, very old.”

Here’s the thing, church is having an 80’s themed social, presumably chosen as a theme because it’s a decade most of us relate to. Did anyone else realise our latest intake of students are actually 90’s babies?

Anyone else feeling incredibly old?


  1. The majority of my students were born 1994 onwards!!! But somehow they all look 20 years old!

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