Disturbed twice in one night

Firstly, when I had a moment of thinking “I’d quite like to be a nun, it looks fun.”

Secondly, when some Nazi officers walked past and the walls on either side of me were covered in swastikas.

Of course, I was actually just at the Palladium watching the Sound of Music (courtesy of free tickets from one of my lovely friends with contacts), but nevertheless, I was disturbed. (Although not as disturbed as when I saw Equus earlier this year.)

Being a nun always looks like fun until you remember the vows of poverty, obedience and of course chastity. Not to mention the fact that not all convents are located on the edge of a mountain or run by an Abbess who likes to sing about climbing mountains.

The Nazi thing was genuinely disturbing. In quite a clever piece of staging, the scene towards the end of the show where the Von Trapps perform at the Salzburg Festival turns the audience into the Festival’s audiences. Swastika banners drop down and Storm Troopers march up the aisles. Very, very eerie.

The show closes in London in February, but then tours. I highly recommend catching it, even if Maria is played with slightly more humour than Julie Andrews did in the film. (You just have to forget about the film, it’s hard, but otherwise you’ll always be disappointed.)

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