It’s a small world after all

I’ve said before that the world is actually a small place. Factor in the incestuousness of the Christian community and the world becomes a village. Facebook pretty much makes the world one extended family…

Having posted a bunch of photos from the wedding I was at over the weekend, I was surprised when an old primary school friend commented on one of them. This girl has already turned up at a number of random places in the 16 years since we left school, including my friend’s church when we were students and outside my tube station on my way to work last year. Turns out she’s friends with the new boyfriend of a friend of mine – who she’d spotted in a photo I’d taken of the couple at the wedding. Random.

A couple of weeks ago two friends of mine ran into each other at a retreat centre. I’m not sure how long it took them to work out they had me in common, but exceedingly random nonetheless.

And yet, it seems I’m also able to walk straight past good friends in the street, completely oblivious of their presence. Hmmmm.

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