The blogging family

Every blogger reads other blogs; links to other blogs; draws inspiration from other blogs…

I’ve mentioned once or twice how I have three lists of blogs: “American”; “Friends” & “Church-y” (soon to be joined by a “Geeky” list as I continue to be amused by some technology blog feeds I’ve inherited.)

It never ceases to amaze me just how small these blogging worlds are. The Church-y ones crossover a lot, but then the Christian world is always randomly small! The American ones seem to connect a lot too, and that’s particularly odd as I’ve stumbled upon most of them in a rather haphazard fashion. (Although, as I discovered in July, there is a Mormon streak running through a lot of them.)

For many of the bloggers whose work I read, the last couple of weeks have been tough.

Some of you may have heard of NieNie day (August 28th), which was a day designated by a US blogger to fundraise for a couple who were seriously injured in a plane crash almost a month ago.

Several blogs I read have mentioned this and I’m now avidly following C Jane’s blog which descibes how she’s coping looking after her sister’s 4 children whilst their parents fight for survival in a burns unit. [On another level, it makes me eternally grateful for the NHS because should something like that happen to a member of my family, I shouldn’t need to fundraise for the medical costs.]

Stephanie (otherwise known as NieNie) wrote a blog about her life, husband, children and crafts which had quite a following. The blog world isn’t big and like attracts like. As a result, the outpouring of support for this family has been huge, even resulting in an article in today’s NY Times.

At the same time, in many of the other blogs I read, I’ve sensed a feeling akin to impending doom – mostly because the new school year is upon us, along with all the challenges that brings.

Like Lisa, whose post on her grief at her elder sons heading back to college actually had me in tears as I read it at my desk.

Ian continues to blog about his struggles with larium and the stresses & strains of his third year of being a PCV in Mozambique.

Abidemi is just plain hacked off with Britain’s idea of early September weather!

And what about me? I don’t tend to dwell on what’s going on in my life on this blog (unless some randomness has been occurring), but as I mentioned yesterday, there’s been a distinct air of back to school blues over this last week. As of yesterday, I have two new challenges – a job interview on Friday for a job that’s what I view as a “proper grown-up’s job” and a quest to find a new flatmate by the end of next month. That should keep me occupied for a while…

If you’re of a praying persuasion, do pray for Stephanie & Christian Nielson’s recovery and for their family as they cope with all the challenges thrown at them.
Pray for Lisa Borden & her family, split between Tanzania and the US.
Pray for my random friends and their even more random activities.
And pray that I manage to find the right job and dig any escape tunnels that might be needed!


  1. Still hacked off with the weather and wondering if I should make the journey to church or just simply watch live on the internet…how are ya?

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