Packing up

I hate packing.
Just the sight of boxes ready to be filled has me in a cold sweat.
My worst nightmares are dreams where I have to pack quickly.

It’s just another emotional scar from the traumas of being a ‘child of the manse’ – i.e. being forced to move every few years thanks to the church…

At the moment, I’m working in an office surrounded by boxes, crates, more boxes, stacks of files. At home, there’s even more boxes and suitcases. My building’s being reorganised & redecorated and my current flatmate is moving to the Cayman Islands (lucky her).

However, thanks to my experience and my methodical (some might say anal) nature, I am good at packing, and sometimes I do enjoy the process. Here are my top packing tips:

– Pack books in small boxes, this way they don’t become too heavy to lift.
– Label boxes well. Don’t label more than one box “miscellaneous”, because that’ll come back and haunt you when you come to unpack. [I learnt this the hard way when I was 14 and labelled around 5 boxes with my new found word.]
– Acquire free boxes from friendly local shops.
– Don’t procrastinate. It’s far better to be organised (with lists!) than to have to stuff it all into black sacks in a rush.

The worst bit, and I think this is the stage I’m at with my office packing, is when you’ve packed all the obvious stuff, yet there’s still tons to be done. I am not enjoying having to do this on my own, I have 4 desks to pack thanks to my various colleagues jumping ship before the big move took place, lucky them. But, by next Thursday at 5pm it’s all got to be clear and clear it will be.

But the bonus? With all the stuff we’re chucking out right now, it’s a great opportunity to acquire things: boxes full of nightlights; random vases left behind by previous colleagues; clocks; random bits of stationary; books; assorted miscellany from foreign visitors…

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