Dream reading

A couple of days ago, I woke up having had the weirdest dream.

I’m no stranger to weird dreams. (Over the last year or so I’ve had a series of dreams where I’ve been pregnant/giving birth which have been extremely odd. And no, there’s no chance I might be pregnant.) Although they’re definitely not as bizarre as the larium induced dreams my mate Ian (currently residing in Mozambique, hence the larium) seems to have from time to time.

In the case of this particular dream, it wasn’t so much what happened, but who was involved. The characters in my dream (of which I was one) mostly originated from some of my favourite blogs! How’s that for weird in the extreme?

It didn’t include any of the people I actually know in real-life – the friends’ whose blogs I use to keep track of their lives and musings – but revolved around the families in America whose blogs I read just as a distraction from work.

Blogs are addictive. Having a 9-5 that’s not particularly taxing means that I need plenty of things to divert me for a couple of minutes and blogs are a perfect way of doing that. The ‘American blogs’ (as I like to refer to them) are largely accounts of various families with kids, so they’re cute and full of lovely stories and photos. Living in London in an area with nil community, I kind of get my family fix vicariously through these blogs.

So when these kids showed up in my dream it was weird, because I knew their names and what they get up to. Equally, the families knew me, having read my blog. (This isn’t actually true in real life, depending on how good their analytics are they may have no idea some crazy British chick is cyber-stalking them!)

Bizarrely, the only other non-blog person there was my vicar. No idea what that’s supposed to mean, but in the past he’s only shown up in dreams that were a little, well, prophetic. Not sure that this dream falls into that category.

It did make me think though.

In some ways I’d love to get to know some of these people whose lives I read about. Like the Blonde Renstroms, who sound lovely – they’ve just had their second baby and seem to work with an exciting church.

But also, what kind of an impression do I give through this blog?? A lot of it’s rather sarky (I suppose that’s a fair reflection of how I generally behave) but doesn’t really reflect my true inner serious, intellectual, spiritual centre… (Ok, I can hear you laughing already. Stop.)

Honestly, is this blog me? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s not, and maybe that’s why, deep in blog-space, there’s an anonymous blog which tells the real story…

[I’ve got you intrigued now, haven’t I? Excellent!]

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