Parting shot

From a rather senior member of staff’s leaving-do this afternoon (in amongst a list of issues she feels passionately about):

“Condoms are good.
I’d like to have seen a condom machine installed in the building. [Senior management] agreed to it a long time ago, but it still hasn’t happened.”

Bear in mind that I work for the church…
I’m not saying people here don’t need condoms or that they shouldn’t use them (people definitely should), but surely they don’t need them or use them in this building?!?

(Actually, a couple was once discovered in a compromising position in the roof space, so maybe they could have done with one…)

Of course, I’m not implying that condoms promote promiscuity, and in many other office buildings I’d think it was a great thing…the bottom line is that I don’t actually fancy jumping into bed with any of my colleagues!

Ewwwww – even just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine (and not the good kind!).

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