Common People?

I have an unusual name, this should be glaringly obvious to anyone who’s read the blog for a while. It says a lot (as I’ve mentioned before) that the first page of entries after googling me are actually me.

Today I discovered that it’s estimated that there are 2 or fewer Elizabeth Clutterbucks in the US, thanks to How Many of Me.

Along the way, I also discovered that:

– There are 1,426,305 people in the US with the first name Elizabeth.
– Statistically, it’s the 19th most popular first name in American.
– There are fewer than 335 people in the US with the last name Clutterbuck.

And, weirdly, 99.9% of Elizabeths are female. Where’s the 0.1% of Elizabeths that aren’t? I’d like to meet them!

Over the last couple of days I’ve been bemused by the fact that I’ve had 2 queries at work from people who’ve seen my name in publications and want to know if I’m related to certain people. These queries are not unusual as my parents are known (it gets rather tedious) but the latest ones have been to do with some other Clutterbucks, who are no relation.

It’s a shame really, I’d have loved a great-great-grandfather with the name Basil Clutterbuck. Still, my actual great-great-grandfather was George Hezekiah Clutterbuck, which is pretty cool as 19th century names go!

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