Advance warnings

I’m currently suffering from the wonderfully alliterative ailment of ‘post pilates pain’. It’s the random twinges and aches that greet me on a Tuesday morning following a Monday evening spent lying prostrate on a thin mat, making my body do weird and wonderful things.

For the last few weeks, our stand-in instructor (whilst the wonderfully camp guy dances for 10 weeks) has led more sedantry classes, but last night’s replacement worked us hard. No complaints from me! I just loved the fact that she warned us in advance, during the exercises, which specific parts of our body would ache the next day.

It’s great. Now I can be sure that the right bits of me ache and I’ve not done something stupid. More things should give you advance warnings like that.

[As an aside, I’m thinking specifically of the need for underground ticket barriers to carry warning signs advising people that getting caught in the barriers is painful and can lead to bruising. This may sound flipping obvious, but it might have stopped me from getting trapped on Sunday night and ending up with a massive bruise along my arm!]

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