Creme Eggs

The festival of chocolate is officially over, yet today I had my first creme egg of the season. Being a deprived child, I didn’t have any Easter eggs this year (I got a new apron instead – long story) but someone at work brought creme eggs in, so I had one.

By the time I’d finished it I remembered that I don’t really like them. Every year I make this mistake! What’s the point? They’re sweet, sickly and impossible to eat without making a mess. I’m writing this so that next year I remember before I start eating one.
Some creme egg stats to keep you amused till next year:
200 million are sold a year – that’s an average of 3 per person.
It weighs around 39g and contains 176 calories.
If you laid all the eggs made in the Creme Egg plant end to end, they would stretch all the way from the Bournville factory in Birmingham to Sydney in Australia – that’s 12,000 miles.

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