Last night I had only my second go at the band version of Guitar Hero. My first attempt a month ago had left me with the realisation that I wasn’t a natural drummer – despite my skill at air drumming. Fortunately, my coordination is improving and so is my rhythm. Given a bit more practice I might even manage the transition from ‘easy’ to ‘medium’.

Since my last efforts, the friend who owns the game has also thoughtfully created a specially designed ‘Liz’ avatar for me. At home I have ‘Judy Nails’ who’s been my chosen player since I was first introduced to the game months ago. She’s nothing like me – has red hair, a rather daring electric blue outfit (with matching Gibson guitar), stripy socks and blue converse (the only thing we have in common). She can also be rather slutty, but that seems to be a feature of most characters!

Sure, creating personalised characters is fun. That’s been hours of entertainment on the wii – creating (amongst others) several good friends and key figures from history, like Jesus. Always a bonus to have him on your side in baseball! My wii mii looks a lot like me and its hair gets changed according to my haircuts. (Though, as with my own hair, I’m kind of longing for the day when the two plaits look can make a return.)

Anyway, I was a little intrigued to see what my friend had come up with. Actually “worried” might be more appropriate. What would his interpretation be?

What I got was something essentially a close match to me – or at least the me that I often look like when wasting hours playing senseless computer games. Baseball t-shirt (colours matched to one I own), cropped jeans (a shade lighter than I’d usually go for), short blonde hair, blue converse.

However, there was one thing that disturbed me. How shall I put it? The proportions of the avatar were a little, well, surprising. I realise that this is the second time in three posts that I’ve mentioned my cleavage, but, honestly! With these things you get options in the design as to how big/small, tall/short & light/dark certain aspects are.

So my question is, are they that much of a feature? Really? Did they have to be so prominent? Or perhaps, it’s just in line with the aforementioned slutty nature of the game’s characters?

I think I’ll be sticking with that last theory. Anything else doesn’t really bear thinking about and I will put it straight out of my mind.

Wii Fit?

This is the extent to which NaBloPoMo has taken over my life:
It’s five minutes to midnight on the penultimate day of November and I’ve escaped into my friend’s bedroom to blog before the day ends!

I’m taking a break from wii fit, a simultaneously hellish and heavenly device that may be about to take over my life. There are many things I hate about it – it’s made my lovingly created wii mii fat, and it cries “ouch” every time I stand on the board, not to mention its many and varied patronising comments.

However, it’s amazingly addictive. Last night I was on it for nearly an hour. I became obsessed with slalom skiing (which it turns out, I’m quite good at) and was determined to beat my friend’s highest score. I failed to do that last night, but on my 10th attempt this evening I succeeded. What an amazing sense of achievement!!

You’ve also got to love any device that decides that you’re “unbalanced” at the end of an activity – I’m not sure whether it means physically or mentally, given the amount of profanity which emerges from my mouth every time I make a mistake.

Not sure if I care enough about it to actually buy one though. That’s what I pay an inordinate amount of money to my gym for…and at least the treadmill doesn’t shout at me.