In a singy mood

There’s a theory that people only sing spontaneously when they’re happy. I generally subscribe to this theory – I notice when I don’t sing (especially whilst cleaning or washing up) and wonder what the reason for the not singing is.

Tonight I made sure I was on the sofa in time for The Choir (with He Who Cannot Be Named), having completed several of the myriad tasks required before Friday (the day of departure for the long-awaited holiday) – ranging from some US immigration panic to the sending of some forgotten e-mails.
Flatmate commented that she wasn’t surprised I was in place a good ten minutes before the start as I always make time for ‘singy’ programmes and I’m usually in an especially ‘singy’ mood when they’re finished. She should know, over the last few weeks she’s been subjected to Saturdays (or Fridays for the repeat) of X Factor, folllowed by Tuesdays with The Choir.
This evening this has involved much singing of Carmina Burana, the dirtiest choral work ever written (yet a frequent choice of school music departments) and a moment when I tried to recreate the movement where a counter tenor has to sing in the style of a swan being cooked on a spit…I jest not.
I am indeed in a singy mood and I like it. Long may it last!
And you can have it too – why not have a perusal of YouTube for a long lost favourite. (Last night, I am not ashamed to admit, I went hunting for Jason Donovan clips after a chat with a friend on the journey home – that got me in a 1980’s style singy mood!)

Ten Thousand

Two years ago this month, after many months of teasing Abidemi for her obsessive stats watching, I installed analytics on my blog. Ever since, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with knowing who’s been reading, where they’re from and how they got here.

It leads to some interesting discoveries and results in many un-answered questions. Who are some of my regular visitors in the USA? Why do so many people find me by googling custard creams?
Anyway, this month doesn’t just mark my analytics’ second anniversary, it also saw me reach a landmark of 10,000 visitors. Yesterday morning I realised I was just three visitors away from the magic number, and by lunchtime I’d hit it.
I’d love to be able to tell you that #10,000 was a regular, even exactly who they are, but no. It was just another person who got to me by googling a certain reality TV star.
I daren’t mention his name. In February 2008 I wrote about the TV series ‘The Choir’. Simply by mentioning its frontman, I unleashed the power of google – I got hits from all over the place in the days that followed. As a result, I wrote another post about his stalkers, it amused me greatly but made the problem worse.
In the last 18 months, people have googled this person (I simply can’t speak his name again!) and reached me. As the TV show has travelled the world, so did my visitors – Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel – you name it, it’s been shown there. I still find it hilarious that they have all googled him wanting to know whether he’s gay, single or married – no idea what the answer is to that question!
Last night series number three began and the trickle of visitors that had begun again last week cascaded into 500+ hits in 12 hours. Just goes to show, it’s never the logical things that get you noticed in the random world of the internet…