Beware of Bagels

Or, to be more precise, poppy-seed bagels.

Today’s Improbale Reseach column in the Guardian reveals that the seemingly innocuous poppy-seed bagel can in fact result in positive drug tests for morphine.

[Although, if you were to pick any drug for poppy-seed bagels to be linked to, it would be that one, seeing as that’s how you get morphine in the first place!]

A study has shown that “ingestion of poppy seeds can result in a positive urine toxicology for morphine. The urines may remain positive from 24 to 48 hours after ingestion.”

It’s lucky I don’t have cause to be tested. One of my favourite lunch staples is poppy-seed rolls from our local Waitrose – they go with everything, from hoummus to soup. In the past their only negative point was the mess they create. Perhaps I’ll now have to re-think…

And if someone discovers that cinnamon & raisin bagels are dangerous, I’ll be extremely upset.