Friday Fun in the pub

Pubs are good places to go on Fridays.
Heck, pubs are good places to go any day. (Though probably not every day…)

In pubs, one can buy beer. If you’re in Sweden, or a Swedish pub you could buy beer (ok, lager – but I’m a cider drinking girl so the difference between the two is lost on me) that’s officially sanctioned by God – look:

God’s own lager. Check out the groomed moustache Nils too.

Actually, this wasn’t in a pub, I was being a tad misleading. It was a Swedish restaurant – Fika on Brick Lane in case you’re interested. One of the few places outside of Ikea where you can eat Swedish meatballs (though sadly without the special sauce) and, if you’re adventurous, Reindeer sausages. Sadly, neither me nor the God’s Lager drinker fancied the latter, but I did get a glass about half a metre tall for my pear cider (there may be just a slight exaggeration in that sentence). I also discovered a problem with such tall glasses – their centre of gravity isn’t quite where you’d expect it to be, which could, if you were a bit of an idiot, lead to an embarrassing moment of accidentally spilling cider down you and all over the dessert menu. You’ll note I said ‘could’, not ‘did’… 
On the subject of random restaurant adventures in the capital, Wahaca (a Mexican restaurant with a few branches across the capital) is also worth a visit. Not only is it recommended by my genuinely Mexican friends, but it also has this in the (unisex) toilets of its Soho establishment: 
In case you can’t tell, it’s an odd water feature/stream thing. It’s fed by the sinks in the toilets.

People do look at you oddly when you take photos in public loos, I wonder why? When I showed this photo to my mother she pointed out that it might, rather unfortunately, be mistaken for a urinal by some men. Lovely thought. 
Hmmm, it’s just struck me that ‘Friday Fun in restaurants’ would perhaps be more apt, but I don’t think it quite has the same ring to it… Forgive me. 
Sorry, this isn’t particularly ‘fun’ – unless you’re on the look out for world cuisine choices in the capital. Life is not giving me much time for blog writing (or any of the other kinds of writing I really need to be doing) at the moment (hence the lack of blog content this week, which saddens me) – hopefully next week it will improve. In the mean time, I can only reiterate last week’s suggestion of checking out The Hairpin, which has kept me amused all week – particularly an article entitled: “Do you wear underwear under leggings and tights?” to which my response (before I’d clicked on the link) was “Yes!! Who the heck doesn’t??”. Read the article and the comments – your mind will be boggled. 

An Apology

I hereby apologise to anyone who’s ever had the misfortune to sit near me in a restaurant, when I’ve been drinking a little too much wine.

My apology’s the result of an unfortunate encounter whilst having dinner with my mother last night. We’d already refused one table (mother can be fussy, people say I take after her – they’re wrong) and ended up closely wedged between two women having a civilised dinner and a couple out for a birthday meal. The girl looked like a student and seemed to have made her way through at least 1 bottle of rosé. At first I thought she had a naturally loud voice, then it sounded like she was shouting a bit. As the meal wore on, she started shouting properly – can’t remember why. Even at normal volume it was a struggle to hear my mum speaking. Her poor boyfriend just wanted to get her home – kept reminding her of all the work she still needed to do. It was a bizarre situation – lots of raised eyebrows shared with the women at the next table. Once the couple had gone, we sat and moaned about them. Being reserved, we’d not thought to ask them (well, her) to shut up!

So, I apologise to the people I’ve had dinner with when I’ve been a little tipsy and verged towards being aggressive. I apologise to the unknown people who’ve had to put up with my noise levels. I also apologise to all French speakers, for the way I abuse their language whenever I’ve had rather a lot to drink.

I am truly sorry. Feel free to tell me to shut up in future.