The power of the ruby slippers

Mind the Gap, DorothyMind the gap, Dorothy…

Never underestimate the power of a pair of ruby slippers…

  • Red shoes enhance any day – especially a grey and dismal one. 
  • You’ll never be bored again – watching them sparkle, especially when the light reflects on furniture around you, is utterly entrancing.
  • People will ask you, at least 4 times a day, whether clicking your heels together will take you back to Kansas.
  • They are the perfect ice-breaker. Wear them to a daunting networking occasion and conversation will become effortless.
  • Even the most seemingly ascetic theologian will be captured by their beauty.

It’s nearly the first anniversary of the day they came into my possession. (Thank-you blessed Schuh sale.) Incredibly, I’ve not worn them anywhere near as often as I ought to – largely thanks to their unsuitable-ness in wet weather – but what with this summer’s pathetic idea of ‘warmth’, they’ve come in very handy.

And I’m not exaggerating – I wore these on Saturday and at least 6 different people made Dorothy references. But did you know that the original ruby slippers were in fact silver?

Ruby ReflectionsReflections – aka mid-lecture entertainment.