Practically perfect in every way (Plus bonus photo)

Friday was an excellent shopping day. Not only was an entirely appropriate dress for the Christmas carol service acquired (we have very strict colour instructions, with no two people in the same section allowed to wear the same colour – honest!), but I also found a new handbag (bliss) and later the same day made a rather impulsive purchase…

I don’t really have a good record with impulse buys – especially ones that begin with a friend ringing to tell me about the amazing bargain they’ve just found. It nearly always ends in disaster, I can be very easily led at times. However, I never thought that impulse buying would take place in an outdoor clothing shop. Make up, bags, random articles of clothing and at least one item per visit to Primark – yes, Mountain Warehouse – really not so much.

My friend (Morv, of fellow musical geek fame) had acquired a new ski jacket. Fairly practical as she lives in the far north and had just the day before had to contend with her first snow of the season. Sometimes, she even goes to Scotland to ski. When I met her and another friend we’d found in London, we headed back to the shop so she could show us her bargain [you’d have thought she’d have simply lifted it out of the carrier bag, but no] and within seconds I was trying on one in a different colour.

The three of us stood there contemplating jackets. I seized upon mine describing it as “cute”; Ali liked the look of one that was practical (she’s an engineer); Morv wanted something “mature” [those that know Morv will appreciate that this is the last word with which to describe her]. Is cute the wrong thing to look for in practical outdoor clothing? Should I really have been comparing waterproofing and stitching rather than colours?

Anyway, I ended up with a purple jacket (with contrasting pinkish bits) that came with integral phone holder, generic mp3 player pocket and ski lift pass flap (possibly useful for Oyster cards?). I had to laugh when the man at the checkout asked when I was going skiing – had he not heard the weather forecast, or even gone outside into the biting temperatures? I do not ski, despite skiing lessons aged 16, and don’t intend. I do, however, have parents who live in Ireland and also have an intense hatred of the cold, so it will get plenty of use off the slopes.

Getting it home, I suffered a little buyers’ remorse and kept the receipt safe, just in case. The next day dawned just as cold and it seemed sensible to wear it out. After less than an hour of wearing it I realised that there is nothing better than a jacket that’s effectively a duvet with a zip – £47.99 well spent I feel (reduced from £119.99, FYI).

Today, on day three of consecutive ski jacket wearing, I managed to inadvertently co-ordinate my outerwear outfit. Purple jacket, purple scarf (ok, the scarf was intentional), purple inside of glasses’ frames, purple gloves, purple hat (ok, may also have been a conscious decision to wear purple hat instead of black one) and complimentary denim skirt with blue tights. Actually, what amused me most was that two men commented upon the co-ordination, rather than women. (I will ignore the fact that C laughed at me wearing it at the office…) Thinking about it, if only it had been snowing – I could have worn the purple wellies too!

Wait, what’s the forecast for tomorrow? Would it be a severe weather warning for heavy snow in London by any chance? Indeed it would. Looks like tomorrow will involve a practically perfect outdoors outfit, in every single way.

I felt this post needed a photo – so I took one.

I wonder…

…does it mean something that I’ve had to buy a smaller purse to take away on holiday with me?

[To clarify, by “purse” I mean wallet – not handbag.]
Is my current purse too big?
Is the handbag I’m taking on holiday too small?
Is this all a major irrelevance?
I don’t care. It’s small, pretty & from Cath Kidston – enough said. (I’d actually just popped out of the office to buy milk, so it was something of an impulse buy, though a planned one.)
Incidentally, know how to rid surplus men from conversations? Throw in as many male-phobic conversation topics as you can in a short period of time. [This is not so much of a tangent as it sounds, the link is bags…]
Worked fantastically at church last night. I was cooing over the news that Annabelle had bought a new bag from Radley – it was purple and it seems that the world is buying purple handbags (my mum just bought one in Milan), I feel compelled to buy one too – and then we talked more about dresses. It was at this point that P (sat between us) went off to collect beverages.
When he returned we were engaged in an enthusiastic discussion about our respective forthcoming travels, so he was happy to re-occupy his seat. Though he did threaten to leave again when I thrust my hands at Annabelle to show off a new shade of nail varnish…
P – please forgive me for telling this story! I’m sure you weren’t trying to get away from us and our feminine conversation. (Though trust me, it got worse while you were gone!)

Purposefully Purple

Now that it’s a bit cooler I can justify wearing my new purple coat. It’s even better when this coat is teamed with my lovely, patently purple shoes. I am all about the purple at the moment – if only I could carry around my purple laptop too.

I’m currently in the middle of a craft project that’ll be the topic of my next few posts, depending on how long it takes me to finish, and I’m probably a little high as a result of using acrylic paint in an unventilated room…but as Abidemi’s paid 3 visits to my blog today, I felt I should write something!

So, I’m sharing something I discovered ages ago (courtesy of this blog), but still makes me chuckle. Plus, it ties in very well with my current purposefully purple mood:

pointlessly purple

Click on it – you know you want to.