30 Days of Posting: A reflection

Tomorrow I don’t have to blog. It’s kind of a relief.

NaBloPoMo has been a bit more of a challenge than I’d anticipated. Turns out that often, the last thing I want to do when I get home at 10pm after a busy day of work, rehearsals/dinner/church activity, is to be creative and blog.

Sometimes my day’s post has been uninspired and boring – simply something to satisfy the rules of the event. Sometimes I’ve had days when I’ve had several ideas, but didn’t to use them all up on one day.

I’ve been told in the past that one way to get more (and regular) visitors to your blog is to build a reputation as a daily blogger. People like things that are regular and predictable. However, I dislike being predictable. I think I’d also prefer to only blog in a fit of inspiration. If that means that sometimes I blog 3 times in one day and then go silent for a week, then so be it.

But, one thing I’ve liked about blogging every day is that I think it’s meant that more of my day to day life has come through – which hasn’t really happened before (except when I’ve been moving office!).

I’ve also enjoyed the discipline. The actual blogging doesn’t take long. An uncomplicated, brief post can be done in 5 minutes. I have no patience for people who say “I’d love to have a blog, but I don’t have the time”. It helps that I have a desk job, and my mind is constantly mulling over different issues and ideas, which often results in ideas for posts. Some might say that I have a random life, which helps too. They may be right about that.

Will I blog tomorrow? Maybe, maybe not.

I do know that I’ve got a few Christmas related posts brewing which I didn’t want to write until December 1st, as I think any earlier is a little obscene. (You can catch up with last year’s Christmas thoughts here.) The one Christmas thing I will leave you is a suggestion to check out Dave Walker’s musing on Christmas Cards. It may help you cross off one thing on your Christmas list.

Oh, and I have something special planned for December 3rd (Wednesday), so make sure you pop by then.

PS – Just realised this my 300th post. Doesn’t time fly when you’re participating in daily blogging challenges…

Wii Fit?

This is the extent to which NaBloPoMo has taken over my life:
It’s five minutes to midnight on the penultimate day of November and I’ve escaped into my friend’s bedroom to blog before the day ends!

I’m taking a break from wii fit, a simultaneously hellish and heavenly device that may be about to take over my life. There are many things I hate about it – it’s made my lovingly created wii mii fat, and it cries “ouch” every time I stand on the board, not to mention its many and varied patronising comments.

However, it’s amazingly addictive. Last night I was on it for nearly an hour. I became obsessed with slalom skiing (which it turns out, I’m quite good at) and was determined to beat my friend’s highest score. I failed to do that last night, but on my 10th attempt this evening I succeeded. What an amazing sense of achievement!!

You’ve also got to love any device that decides that you’re “unbalanced” at the end of an activity – I’m not sure whether it means physically or mentally, given the amount of profanity which emerges from my mouth every time I make a mistake.

Not sure if I care enough about it to actually buy one though. That’s what I pay an inordinate amount of money to my gym for…and at least the treadmill doesn’t shout at me.

Feeling terribly grown up and responsible

Today’s the first day this month that I’ve almost missed a post – and with 3 days to go!

Mid-way through a friend’s birthday meal this evening the thought suddenly struck me that I’d not blogged, nor had I even thought about what I might blog. Oops.

Not surprising really, as today I’ve been terribly grown up and responsible. I had one of my (few) days at work when my actions actually have a massive impact on real peoples’ lives.

Today, I was interviewing people who wanted to work overseas for the church. Missionaries, as you might have called them once upon a time. This time it was short-termers (6-12 months) as opposed to full-on Mission Partners who go out for a minimum of 3 years.

The fantastic thing about the short-termers is that they can be aged anything from 18 to 80, so in one day you might interview both a young A-level student and a recently retired professor. All very interesting and at times quite inspiring. Actually, I’m not being glib, I was genuinely inspired by a couple of the people I met with today.

The last time I did one of these days, my final interviewee at one point turned and asked me if I would go overseas to work one day. Not a terribly random question, as I’m the youngest interviewer by quite a long way, and all the others have worked overseas at some point in their career. But it did make me laugh. Maybe because deep down I know that I would like to? I honestly don’t know.

Anyway, it still kind of amuses me that I’m considered good enough at this kind of thing to actually contribute to such an important decision in someone’s life! Oh dear.


This is when the blogging on every day of November becomes a challenge.

It’s Sunday night and I’m knackered thanks to: a great party, some late night wii boxing, a lovely friend leaving far too early in the morning, an afternoon with more friends, church, travelling home, cooking dinner and eating dinner.

There were several comedy moments during tonight’s service which I could write about (involving ‘malfunctioning equipment’ and a too-speedy collection song), but I am too tired to even try. Sorry.

I did begin this month with a warning that insipiration couldn’t possibly hit me every day. I’m amazed it’s taken two weeks for this to happen!

An incentive

You know this NaBloPoMo thing I’ve signed up for – the challenge to blog on every day in November? Well, I was just doing it for the challenge, but now I’ve discovered that there are actually prizes!

It’s not a competition, they’re allocated by the random selection of a blogger who’s successfully completed the month, and there’s wide range of things on offer. From Amazon gift vouchers, to hand-made items sold via Etsy shops. Items include:

– Fly fishing flies
– Sock Zombies
– Christmas cards
– Paintings

It’s all incredibly cute and wonderful. I’m now very determined to complete the challenge, I always react well to a good incentive.