The Pencil Museum and other distractions (Updated)

Really disappointed – C and I didn’t make it to the Pencil Museum this morning. We got within sight of it, then realised we only had 10 minutes till our taxi arrived, so we had to give up on it. This meant that we didn’t get to enact our plans…

Firstly, to stand in front of the museum brandishing pens in mockery of the pencil.
Secondly, to buy a pencil. (With the name of the museum on, of course.)
(Can you tell that we came up with both ideas rather late at night utterly frazzled from a hard night’s work?)

We did get the above photo – just to show we almost made it.

Turns out there’s tons to do in Keswick. How about an Oxfam Megastore? C was rather sad that I said there wasn’t enough time to visit it, yet made the time to pop into Fat Face (twice in 5mins – to the amusement of the sales assistant) to check out some gorgeous red cable knit slippers. (Note for family: red, with buttons, in a large…)

Oh, and despite the heavy clouds warning of further torrential rain and flooding, Keswick was looking rather lovely. Go visit – just make sure you allow enough time for the museum and other distractions.

Update: On telling my Dad of the disappointment I felt at missing out on the Pencil Museum he revealed that my Great Aunt Mary had actually worked in the pencil factory that inspired the museum! A family connection means a trip will definitely have to be made at some point.